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Las mujeres creadoras en Arabia Saudita

Taghreda  al Basqshi   ( Arabia Saudita)

Esta pintora la encontré  a través del facebook y la página donde  se mostraban las obras de mujeres árabes  ha desaparecido. Espero y deseo que sigan luchando con sus pinceles.

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Taghreed  Al-Baqshi
The concept
Have her own  concept about the role of Saudi women in society and the message that would like to achieve in life. Painted women in a distinctive as reason ,heart and soul and showed the way to achieve their humanity and freedom, made within her paintings the image of women, which still suffers from stereotyping, she has an important message achieved through painting and color to reflect on women in her paintings she conjures style of expressionism in the area of life and painting, forced her to perform all roles to achieve a balance in life to make sure the role of Saudi women and the status of the progress and advancement and the stage of thinking that has not limited the scope of reason, but beyond that to emphasize that her creative thinking will effectively and powerfully change the traditional concept taken about them wherever found Saudi women in the local and international forums, they raise surprise , good assessment and pride of the place deserves praise.

 Taghreed  .. Arabian Artist working as a supervisor of  Art Education. Founding member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society of Fine Arts (Jsvet) , MA in Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Art Education from King Saud University in Riyadh, has a group of literary essays and plastic in the local newspapers, nominated for Oscar gold Arab world in her participation in the contest jewelry free creation design in 2002 in Dubai, established many personal exhibitions and participated in international forums, exhibitions and seminars in plastic arts in the area of Monetary Plastic has many Posts Saudi domestic and foreign, represented in Austria, Korea, India, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia , United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait.
Set up more than 8 personal exhibitions.

Tagreed Hassan Albagshi
• Born in Saudi Arabia
• BA in Science and Education (1999) honors.
2010 – Master - Curriculum and teaching method - King Saud University in Riyadh
2007 - Supervisor of the article in Art Education at the Ministry of Education
 2006 - Parameter worked Art Education General Directorate for Girls' Education
2005 - Parameter worked in secondary vocational institute Ahsa, 

         - founding member of the Saudi Society for Fine Arts (Jsvet)
         - Member of the Fine Arts Qatif group.
         -  Member of the Bahrain Arts Society .

 Personal Exhibitions
2012 - Personal exhibition Jeddah roiya  art  consultancy - Saudi Arabia
2012 - Gallery (cats retune) TILAL gallery – Kuwait
2010 - Personal exhibition - creations Saudi Contemporary- Opera House Arts Palace - Egypt
2007 - Personal exhibition ((white)) Jeddah Atelier Art - Saudi Arabia
2007 - Personal exhibition skills and Arts Institute Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
2005 - Personal exhibition in Jeddah Atelier - Saudi Arabia
2005 - Personal exhibition at Shada Art Gallery Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
2004 - Gallery ((light from the inside)) on a Culture and Arts Society Ahsa - Saudi Arabia
2003 - Personal exhibition((emotional feather))  at - held red -Ahsa market within the conclusion of events East Tourism Festival
2002 - Personal exhibition(flickering colors)  at Gallery held a lounge Riyadh Bank Branch of King Faisal University - Branch Ladies Ahsa on
Hosted Culture and Arts Society Ahsa this exhibition dated – Saudi Arabia

Foreign Exhibitions
2011 - The Indian Saudi exhibition - Saudi King Abdul Aziz Museum historic Riyadh - Riyadh
2011 - Museum Symposium - Nord Art Germany - Germany 
2010 - Saudi Creations Contemporary Opera House - Palace of Arts - Cairo 
2010 -  Women and the Arts Biennial -  Art Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

2010 - 23th Mahres International Festival of the session23 - Tunisia
2010 -  (Louvre Museum - Paris
2010 - Artists of the Middle East Contemporary Art Space gallery - Dubai
2010 - Back veiled Gallery – London
2009 -  Bangladesh International Biennale – Bangladesh
2009 - Saudi cultural week Argentina – Argentina
2008 -  Cultural heritage of the desert the King Fahd Academy - Bonn - Germany
2008 -  Workshop Fine Saudi Cultural Forum Yemen, Sana’a – Yemen
2007 -  Saudi cultural week of the Republic of Korea – Korea
2007 -  Saudi cultural week the United Nations Building in Austria – Austria
2006 -  Small art works -  Kuwaiti Fine Arts Society - Kuwait
2006 -  Calligraphy accompanying the Republic of India – India
2006 -  Spectrum of Saudi Arabia UAE - Cultural Foundation - Abu Dhabi
2006 - Spectrum of  Saudi Arabia - state of the Sultanate of Oman - Omani Fine Arts Society - Muscat
2006 -  Saudi cultural week in the Arab Republic of Egypt Cairo Alexandria Fair – Egypt
2006 - Eighth periodic exhibition of Fine Art and calligraphy artists of the Gulf Cooperation Council For the Arab States
of the Gulf – Muscat
2005 - International Symposium Ehden – Lebanon
2004 - Gallery Fine comprehensive Bahrain exhibition - Bahrain 
2003 – Touring exhibition (Selections from the Saudi Art) Assembly - Omani Fine Arts - Muscat
2003 - Cultural Week in the Kingdom of Morocco - Rabat 

Awards :
2012 - Award Saudi contemporary art exhibition - Saudi Arabia
2007 - Ambassador Award second place King Fahd Cultural Center - Saudi Arabia
2009 - Fine Miftaha Award for the best plastic arts workshop - 2009 village Miftaha - Abha - Saudi Arabia
2006 - Palme bronze eighth in the league exhibition of Fine Arts and Calligraphy Artists GCC -Muscat 
2004 -  Level II Award in  third Saudi Artists Exhibition - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
2003 - The first woman in the province of Hasa get plastic Excellence Award events within • The cultural week for the
Abandonment of the second festival - Saudi Arabia
2003 - The first award level in the second Saudi Artists Exhibition Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
2002 - Fine Award competition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary to take the Custodian of the Two Holy reins of
power in Competition Exhibition - Head Office of Youth Welfare Club right Riyadh - Saudi Arabia 

2000 - Cultural Week Award ninth in the contest gallery Youth Welfare Of the Office of Youth Welfare – Saudi Arabia


2009 - Training basics drawing acrylic in the village of Fine Miftaha King Fahd Cultural Center Abha -Saudi Arabia
2008 - Training Workshop in Culture and Arts Society Ahsa - Saudi Arabia
2008 - course the basics of drawing Center Insights Mfg
2007 - Participating in the seminar Fine (current shifts) working paper in Studio Art Criticism entitled (based self-
awareness or the other?) UAE - Sharjah
2007 - Arbitration logo of the Saudi Society for Fine Arts (Jsvet)
2006 - A paper in the national dialogue entitled Teacher development Dhahran
-  written several contributions and plastic arts and literary articles published in the newspapers.
2002 - nominated for Oscar gold Arab world through its participation in the free creativity contest to design Jewelry in
2002  and was awarded a certificate of entitlement and appreciation from the World Gold Council


• General Presidency for Youth Welfare Saudi Arabia
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs Riyadh
• Aramco Saudi 
• Private collection for a Saudi personalities and important foreign
• holdings outside the Kingdom (Germany), (London)
• King Abdul Aziz Library Riyadh
• Al-Arabiya  Chanel - London
• Gallery HIWAR - Riyadh
• Skills and Arts Institute Riyadh
• Princess Adwaa al Saud
• Sheikha Shamma Al Khalifa
Saudi Arabia 
Al-Ahsa Hofuf 31982 Zip Code
BOX.  1161 
Tel - 00966 553977644

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